※There is an imperfect part in some places because this site uses the translation software.

This site is informal and a site of the hobby at the orikero center that the BANK manages.
It doesn't relate to the original writer and the publisher at all.
Because most is PNG in the image that is here, seeing with the cellular phone cannot be recommended.

The genre is Orikero chiefly center, and part is AA.

・Crash Bandicoot
・Super Mario

These can be spoken even if it is things except Orikero.
Other things that can be spoken exist, and it is not possible to finish writing here.

Such a person must return at once.

・I hate Orikero.
・I hate alternative fiction.
・I try to ruin this web page.
・I try to advertise it.
・How about the computer virus?
・It is slow to renew this web page.
・Isn't the personification here?
・There cannot be an idea that becomes man's body and becomes woman's body.
・Friend of reality.(I talk familiarly though you may enter.)

The person who doesn't apply to an upper item must enter from "Enter" of a red character.

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This is a site of my loved younger sister.

↓ This is a thing like the alliance that I am sponsoring. ↓


↓This is a search in which I am participating. ↓



This is an alliance in which I am participating.



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